Why Hollywood Eyes? About Us


To me, makeup is art. I fell in love with a lip color called Pirate one Summer. From there, It was love at first glittered cat eye! I began to inhale all I could learn. Playing with shadows and illusion, touching jeweled colors, staring into the mirror, escaping into looks; learning the art of make up was a great companion for teen aged angst and plenty of acne. I learned to hide behind it and I learned to be brave with it. I played up my eyes, and this was a distraction from my skin issues. Make up, music and record collecting got me through the teen years. Not everyone has such a connection with this type of comfort through the fantasy of make up, but if you are reading this and can relate to that feeling, then you are one of the tribe .

Quite simply, Hollywood eyes is still just me playing with make up. Except this time, I am only introducing make up and accessories for eyes; velvety intense formulas to take our eyes to the next level. OUR eyes, because this brand is for us. This time, I selected the decadent look of the products- laying like jewels on your vanity. I invite you to come play, and get that feeling. If you love a little luxury, if you frequently wear a crown, or a superhero cape; you are one of us.
A great friend told me of this quote, and I want to share. William said " life is not a dress rehearsal". ( read the whole quote by Sam Altman ). Wow. Just wow.

Hollywood eyes is about playtime, allowing time for fantasy and magic. Hollywood eyes is about using the best products we have found, then wrapping the formulas in lovely packages. While we wear our masks for safety, why not take the eyes next level ? The world is in a whirl, and in spite of this new reality -a little escape can feel like freedom. You can have Red cat eyes, and glam it up like Bowie or Gaga. You can be a Hazel ice Queen. You can decide to go bare faced with one Violet eye. I invite you to be whimsical, love everyone, have fun, and regret nothing . Don’t let anyone bring you down. It’s just makeup. It washes off. LOL. XOXO Jessica

“Be yourself ; everyone else is already taken" - Oscar Wilde

* All Angel Eye Collection Photos taken by World Renowned Photographer Yolanda Leaney.