Recently, I caught up with a friend from middle school recently. We were sharing "what ever happened to...?". Then, she asked about Hollywood Eyes lashes. She then told me about fighting cancer twice in her life. I expressed my support and love to her. " Is this why you asked about the lashes? Did you lose yours?" She told me that yes, the chemotherapy side effects included losing her hair and eyelashes.

Cancer is a disease that is way too close to home for me. I would guess that is true for most of us. The loss and heartbreak of cancer is hard to comprehend. As I write this, several loved ones are in the fight currently. I have loved too many who have passed from this disease. If you are reading this, I know it has devastated you, or your friends and family. It's too pervasive. It's almost impossible not to know someone whose life has been affected by cancer.

Back to the top paragraph about reconnecting with my friend. The sadness and anger and helplessness set in when she told me about cancer invading her life. The anger was dominating. I told my friend to expect a pair of lashes in the mail.

About 24 hours later, it just came to me. LASH OUT !!! LASH OUT AGAINST CANCER. Yes, that is what it will be called. It's such a small idea, but it will help some people. It could bring a few smiles. It could remind people that they are loved by strangers who feel their struggle. So, here is the plan: Hollywood Eyes, from today, has a commitment to LASH OUT AGAINST CANCER.

Here is how LASH OUT will work- If anyone who lost their lashes from chemotherapy would like a pair of free lashes, simply e-mail us. You do not have to do anything to show private medical info. We are going on the honor system. One pair per person please. All you need to do is type LASH OUT, and leave your mailing address. It is that simple. You will receive them in 7 ish days or less, depending on the speed of the post office.

Can't wait to hear from you !!!  

Jessica XOXO